State Requirements for Engineering Continuing Education PDH

State Accepted/Not Accepted State Regulations
Alabama Accepted
Alaska Accepted
Arizona Accepted
Arkansas Accepted
California Accepted
Colorado Accepted
Connecticut Accepted
Delaware Accepted
Florida Approved

We have applied for and been approved as a provider for PDH in Florida.  Our Provider Number is 0008277.

Georgia Accepted
Hawaii Accepted
Idaho Accepted
Illinois Accepted

The required sexual harrasment course for Illinois is not available.

Indiana Accepted
Iowa Accepted
Kansas Accepted

Accepts 5 hours maximum

Kentucky Accepted
Louisiana Accepted
Maine Accepted
Maryland Not Accepted Maryland requires providers apply to become approved providers.   Engineering Continuing Education PDH is looking into this process.  Thank you for your patience.
Massachusetts Accepted
Michigan Accepted Michigan accepts PDH from providers approved by other states.  Due to our Approval in Florida we meet Michigan's PDH Provider requirements.

Minnesota Accepted
Mississippi Accepted
Missouri Accepted
Montana Accepted
Nebraska Accepted

Nebraska limits acceptance to  7.5 hours of online course work

Nevada Accepted
New Hampshire Accepted
New Jersey Not Accepted
New Mexico Accepted
New York Not Accepted
North Carolina Not Accepted
North Dakota Accepted
Ohio 3hrs/yr Accepted - Ohio considers our courses to be "Correspondence Courses" which are limited to 3 hours per year.   We are working to include additional options such as video, sign in courses and other metrics which Ohio requires.  Please check back with us concerning this.
Oklahoma Accepted
Oregon Accepted
Pennsylvania Accepted
Rhode Island Accepted
South Carolina Accepted  
South Dakota Accepted
Tennessee Accepted
Texas Accepted
Utah Accepted
Vermont Accepted
Virginia Accepted
Washington Accepted
West Virgingia Accepted
Wisconsin Accepted
Wyoming Accepted