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Hydraulic Design of Storm Sewers with Excel - 4 PDH

Storm sewers are widely used to carry away runoff from storms, primarily in urban areas. The hydraulic design begins after the locations for the manholes for the system have been determined. Between each pair of manholes the storm sewer will have a …


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Hydraulic Jumps and Non-Uniform Open Channel Flow - 2 PDH

Many examples of open channel flow can be approximated as uniform flow allowing the Manning equation to be used. Non-uniform flow calculations are needed, however, in some open channel flow situations, where the flow is clearly non-uniform. The concepts …


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Sharp-Crested Weirs: Open Channel Flow Measurement - 2 PDH

A weir is basically an obstruction in an open channel flow path. Weirs are commonly used for measurement of open channel flow rate. A weir functions by causing water to rise above the obstruction in order to flow over it. The height of water above the …


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Uniform Open Channel Flow and The Manning Equation -2 PDH

Flow of a liquid may take place either as open channel flow or pressure flow. Pressure flow takes place in a closed conduit such as a pipe, and pressure is the primary driving force for the flow. For open channel flow, on the other hand the flowing liquid …


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