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Structural Aluminum Performance-Based Design - 4 PDH

The core concept discussed in this document presents a broad overview of Performance-Based Structural Aluminum design employing various aluminum grades and aluminum alloys.
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Structural Aluminum - Performance Based Design - 4 PDH Engineering Continuing Education PDH

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The core concept discussed in this document presents a broad overview of Performance-Based Structural Aluminum design employing various aluminum grades and aluminum alloys.


Course Description:

A.            The course primary focus is building with structural aluminum and is geared toward utilizing performance-based procedures.

B.            The information presented here addresses loading conditions imposed by earthquake, wind, and snow/water.

C.            New, innovative aluminum alloys are presented for consideration during the design and construction phases.

D.           Experience and skill, especially a working knowledge of metals and welding techniques (shop experience included) has proven to be beneficial in the advancement of performance -based design.

E.            This course, in addition to being a professional education document, is prepared as a fluid, thorough, handy reference for inclusion into any architect or engineer’s “tools” of reference materials.

Copyright: Richard S. Cobb, June 1, 2016

III.           The American Society of Civil Engineers Standard [ASCE/SEI 7-10] introduces alternative performance-based procedures to demonstrate that building designs, structures, or elements thereof have sufficient strength to meet specific planning parameters. Also, the Arlington, VA based Aluminum Association produces an essential reference, the Aluminum Design Manual, an important standard referenced in the 2015 International Building Code.

IV.           ASCE/SEI Standard 7-10 provides an excellent commentary (proceeding from page 313 of the Standard) consisting of “explanatory and supplemental material designed to assist” local building code committees (peer review) and regulatory authority having jurisdiction in applying the recommended requirements.

                Section C1.3.1.3 of Standard 7-10 addresses Performance-Based Procedures.

                Alternative, performance-based procedures are introduced to demonstrate that a structure, building, or elements thereof have sufficient strength. These guidelines are intended to parallel “alternative means and methods procedures” as traditionally addressed in the various building codes (UBC, IBC, etc.).

V.            Section 104.11 of the 2015 International Building Code addresses alternative designs, materials, methods, and equipment requirements as proposed for review by regulatory authority such as building officials. Research Reports and Testing requirements are included in ASCE/SEI 7-10 risk evaluation sections and  These reliability indexes evaluate the Risk Category based on a given Maximum probability

           VI.           Please note that the 2015 International Building Code defers to other informational sources with regard performance-based design. In particular, AsCE/SEI Standard                          7-10 and the accompanying Commentary establish minimum load requirements which are determined through research and “real-life” experience and judgement.                                 Loads and load combinations are intended to be used together. In addition, wind and earthquake loads are accounted for in the Standard.


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