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Area Drainage Systems - 5 PDH

This course will introduce you to normal requirements for design of surface and subsurface drainage systems for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial areas.
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This course will introduce you to normal requirements for designof surface and subsurface drainage systemsfor residential, commercial, institutional and industrial areas.  You will learn about predesign investigations, environmental considerations, hydrologic studies, hydraulic design considerations, erosion control and subsurface drainage.  References and a bibliography are provided that will allow you to advance beyond this introductory course and begin to address area drainage issues or real projects in your company or agency.

Course Outline

1.  Introduction

2.  Hydrology

3.  Hydraulics

4.  Erosion Control and Riprap Protection

5.  Subsurface Drainage

Appendix A:  References

Appendix B:  Notation

Appendix C:  Bibliography

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about field investigations needed before starting drainage system design
  • Learn how selection of design storm magnitudes depends on the protection sought, the type of construction contemplated, and the consequences of storms of greater magnitude than the design storm.
  • Learn about the design of roadway culverts to accommodate rainfall conditions.
  • Learn the approach to hydrologic analysis of an area for given rainfall conditions.
  • Learn about the hydraulic design of drainage channels and structures to accommodate rainfall.
  • Learn about erosion control and riprap protection for drainage channels and structures.
  • Learn how channels are treated in hydraulic studies.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for civil engineers and other design and construction professionals wanting an introduction to the analytical and design approaches to design of urban and rural area drainage plans and hydraulic structures.

Benefit for Attendee

This course will give civil engineers and others an introduction to the hydrological and hydraulic design of area drainage plans, including hydraulic structures, erosion control and riprap design.

Course Introduction

This is an introduction to the hydrology and hydraulic design of urban and rural drainage areas.

Course Content

  • [Please Provide A Stand-Alone MS Word Document for Course Content Only]

Course Summary

After completion of this course you will be prepared to advance to design of real projects using many of the resources cited as references and in the bibliography for the course.


Wednesday, 06 March 2024
Very general in content, illustrations and were difficult to read.
Serves as a beginning and source of detailed references for more in-depth study.
bobby g. bailey
Wednesday, 06 December 2023
Very simplified discussion, figures from textbook sources, etc. more in depth coverage of information presented.
David Howard
Tuesday, 01 March 2022
Not only is there a shortage of visual aids, the ones that are included are not legible. Not enough actual examples to keep one's attention, only generalized text. I will look for some other more interesting courses to complete.
Lance Brady
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