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Pavement Design in Seasonal Frost Conditions - 5 PDH

This publication presents criteria and procedures for the design and construction of pavements placed on subgrade or base course materials subject to seasonal frost action. The most prevalent modes of distress in pavements and their causes are listed. The detrimental effects of frost action in subsurface materials are manifested by nonuniform heave of pavements during the winter and by loss of strength of affected soils during the ensuing thaw period. This is accompanied by a corresponding increase in damage accumulation and a more rapid rate of pavement deterioration during the period of weakening; other related detrimental effects of frost and low temperatures are possible loss of compaction, development of permanent roughness, restriction of drainage by the frozen strata, and cracking and deterioration of the pavement surface. Hazardous operating conditions, excessive maintenance, or pavement destruction may result.

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Course Outline

1. General

2. Definitions

3. Frost-Susceptibility Classification

4. Alternative Methods of Thickness Design

5. Selection of Design Method

6. Limited Subgrade Frost Penetration

7. Reduced Subgrade Strength

8. Use of State Highway Requirements

9. Free-Draining Material Directly Beneath Bound Base or Surfacing Layer

10. Other Granular Unbound Base CoursE

11. Use of Fl and F2 Soils for Base Materials

12. Filter or Drainage Requirements

13. Stabilizers and Stabilized Layers

14. Stabilization with Lime and with LCF


16. Stabilization With Bitumen

17. Subgrade Requirements

18. Other Measures to Reduce Heave

19. Pavement Cracking Associated with Frost Heave

20. Control of Subgrade and Base Course Construction

21. Base Course Construction

22. Compaction

23. Use of Insulation Materials in Pavements

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Learn frost, soil and pavement terminology applicable to design for seasonal frost conditions;

  • Learn about bound bases and how they are employed in frost conditions;

  • Learn the definitions of frost-susceptible soils;

  • Learn how the design freezing index is determined and applied in design for seasonal frost;

  • Learn how to design to accommodate varved clays;

  • Learn the alternative methods of thickness design;

  • Learn how to determine and apply the air freezing index;

  • Learn about the reduced subgrade strength design method.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for civil and geotechnical engineers and other design and construction professionals wanting to learn how to design rigid and flexible pavements where seasonal frost conditions exist.

Benefit for Attendee

This course will give design and construction professionals an introduction to special design methods to employ when designing pavements for roads, parking and open storage areas where climatic conditions include seasonal frost.

Course Introduction

This course provides introductory information about evaluation of soil conditions, selection of materials, and design methods for pavements in seasonal frost conditions.

Course Summary

This course will give you professional tools that will help you to understand the special technical and design considerations to use in pavement design in cold regions where frost conditions are a factor.


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