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Coatings and Paints - 5 PDH

Painting and coating of surfaces in buildings and other infrastructure construction require careful attention to specification, application and inspection if construction materials are to be effectively protected for a substantial service life. This course will introduce you to the principles and practices of coatings and paints for applications in buildings and other infrastructure. You will learn about the criteria to use in specifying coatings and paints for all of the typical construction materials, specifications for repair of surfaces, recommendations for removal of existing coatings and paints, standards for condition and cleanliness of substrates, and methods of surface preparation. This course will provide you with important information you can use every day on current and future projects in your office or agency.

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn the criteria to use in selecting coating and painting materials

  • Learn how to specify lead- and chromate-free coatings and paints with volatile organic chemical (VOC) limits required by regulations

  • Learn about the recommended coatings and paints for application to all of the typical construction material substrates

  • Learn how deteriorated surfaces should be repaired prior to application of coatings and paints

  • Learn the standards of condition for substrates prior to application of coatings and paints

  • Learn about the cleanliness standards for substrates prior to application of coatings and paints to assure a useful service life

  • Learn about recommendations for removal of existing paint and coating prior to application

  • Learn the methods for surface preparation prior to application of a new paint or coating

  • Learn the dry film thickness (dft) specifications for different painting and coating products

  • Learn about compatibility issues when using different coating and paint products


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