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Soil Stabilization for Pavements - 3 PDH

This course will introduce you to accepted methods for stabilizing soils underlying new pavements to improve strength and durability. You will also learn about methods to achieve better soil gradation, and reduction of plasticity index or swelling potential. You will learn how it may be possible to reduce the thickness of soil layers by stabilization methods. The course covers stabilizers such as portland cement, lime, lime-fly ash, lime-cement-fly ash, bitumen, lime-cement and lime-asphalt. Stabilizer selection based on soil conditions is discussed, as well as special considerations in frost areas. This course is intended for civil engineers and construction professionals wanted an introduction to the materials and methods of soil stabilization for pavements.

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Course Outline

1. Introduction
2. Definitions
3. Uses of stabilization
4. Selection of additives
5. Soil types and additives
6. Use of stabilized soils in frost areas
7. Thickness reduction for base and subbase courses
8. Determination of stabilizer content
9. Stabilization with portland cement
10. Stabilization with lime
11. Stabilization with lime-fly ash and lime-cement-fly ash
12. Stabilization with bitumen
13. Stabilization with lime-cement and lime-bitumen

Learning Objectives
  • Learn how to select additives based on soil types.

  • Learn how to use stabilized soils in frost areas.

  • Learn how base and subbase courses may be reduced using soil stabilization.

  • Learn how to determine stabilizer content.

  • Learn about portland cement as a stabilizer.

  • Learn about stabilization with lime.

  • Learn about stabilization with lime-fly ash and lime-cement-fly ash.
  • Learn about stabilization with bitumen.
  • Learn about lime-cement stabilization.
  • Learn about lime-bitumen stabilization.


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