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Heating and Cooling Distribution Systems - 3 PDH

This is an introduction to the design of heating and cooling distribution systems outside of buildings. It provides information about system selection, distribution media selection, and general distribution system design. Discussed are distribution systems in trenches, pre-engineered underground systems, prefabricated underground heating and cooling distribution systems, and aboveground heat distribution systems. The information provided is applicable to high temperature hot water, low temperature hot water, low pressure steam, high pressure steam, and chilled water systems. This course is intended for engineers, architects and construction professionals who want an introduction to the design of steam, hot water and chilled water distribution systems outside of buildings. This course will give engineers and others an understanding of some of the basic materials, systems, and configuration of piping, valving, manholes and drainage for systems that distribute hot water, steam, and chilled water for use in buildings and other facilities where heating and cooling are required.

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Specific Knowledge or Skill Obtained

  • Learn about the four most common systems for distributing hot water, chilled water and steam outside of buildings.

  • Learn the order of preference for high temperature water and steam/condensate distribution systems.

  • Learn the order of preference for low temperature and chilled water distribution systems.

  • Learn the basic requirements for plan and profile drawings for laying out distribution systems.

  • Learn the basic details of valve manholes for distribution systems.

  • Learn about the basic configuration of valve manholes and drainage sumps.

  • Learn the basics of electrical systems for drainage pumps..


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